nCATfiber™ is a broad technology that can be used to reduce pollution from engines of any size, cut emissions from power plants that burn fossil fuels and reduce processing costs in petrochemical operations.

This technology also significantly reduces catalyst usage/costs for commercial applications and in the production of consumer products.

In petrochemical plants, the technology can be used to speed up chemical reactions. With our technology, less catalyst material is used and fewer catalysts are lost during use. Our fibers reduce pollution from engines and enable unmatched catalyst reuse during chemical processes. This technology applies to exhaust gases from engines of any size, from lawnmowers to locomotive engines. Material costs are decreased at least 75% due to the reduction in the amount of catalyst metals used in various catalytic conversion processes. The fibers can withstand very high temperatures relative to current technology. nCATfiber technology allows for higher temperature applications and unlimited configurations not possible with current technology.

Through our proprietary manufacturing process, we are able to produce uniform and high quality ceramic nanofibers. Because there are many more uses for ceramic nanofibers in the medical, energy, and textile industries, we are interested in discussing future partnerships and additional applications for our technology.

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nCATfiber technology
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